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Calendar ImageDecember 31, 2013 @ 09:21AM

Health and safety article highlights need for comprehensive healthcare strategy

PRINCETON, IN – Oilfield Technology magazine, an international magazine dedicated to the global energy sector, recently published an article in its December 2013 issue written by Kyle G. Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer of Onsite Occupational Health and Safety, Inc. (Onsite OHS).

The article, entitled, "Putting the 'health' back into HSE," explains the need for health, safety and environment (HSE) professionals to provide a comprehensive employee health program.

"As an onsite medical services provider, I often hear from HSE professionals that onsite medical services are not needed because of the advances in the safety profession and the continued decrease in occupational illnesses and injuries," Mr. Johnson said about his article. "The problem is, this ignores the most common causes of death, disability, and time away from work in the working age populations: non-work related illnesses."

The article outlines the need to look at a more comprehensive strategy of providing onsite healthcare to employees as one way to drive down healthcare costs.

"In summary, the HSE department is the only department in a corporate with 'health' in its name. They are perfectly positioned to be the center of the consolidation of the healthcare needs of the employees," Mr. Johnson says in the article. "They understand the health aspects of business, as well as insurance type claims, with their experience in workers compensation. They understand how time away from work or decreased productivity effects the workplace through their restricted work and lost time experience."

With a growing international presence, Onsite OHS, a global leader in promoting U.S. quality healthcare, has already successfully delivered medical services in nearly a half-dozen international countries; and is now recognized as an industry leader in supporting complex domestic and international medical missions in any environment.

About Onsite OHS

Onsite OHS is an internationally-recognized company that has emerged as a global leader in promoting U.S. quality healthcare for employers anywhere in the world, in any environment.

We are founded on the core values of excellence in patient care, adaptability to client and market needs, world-class experience and unparalleled responsiveness to our patients, clients and employees. Our comprehensive medical services range from a single paramedic to facilities with a physician and support staff. Through a growing client-base, Onsite OHS has provided onsite healthcare in the following settings: austere military environments, manufacturing, industrial, construction, pipeline construction and the energy industry.

The certified veteran-owned small business was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Princeton, Indiana.

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